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Nisha’s No.1 hit “Tu hi mera Dil” got 1.000.000 views on YouTube within 2,5 weeks

Tu hi mera Dil got 1.000.000 (one Million) views on YouTube within 2,5 weeks.

That is a personal and a national record in Suriname for an artist to achieve this as a

  • Artist born in Suriname
  • With a Surinamese passport
  • Living in Suriname
  • That made a 100% own Surinamese production
  • Released in Suriname
  • That entered the 1 Million views while No.1 on all radio Hit lists in more than 1 country and No.1 on Internet radio stations and No.1 on the National Top40 Suriname

The statistics of YouTube shows that this song has reached listeners in 198 countries in the World

To celebrate this achievements, Nisha announced a performance to celebrate for al the fans, because “its all about the fans that makes an artist”, Nisha says. This celebration was in the Suriname Times Mall on Monday 6th of June 2016 and started with a press conference followed by a live performance of Tu hi mera Dil and a Meet & Greet with the fans. A very large crowd came to this event and the participation of the press was great and international.


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